Elite Helps Support Niagara Health Foundation


As we draw to a close for 2021, we wanted to finish on a high note. At Elite, we believe that civic duty extends beyond our roles at work. We’re proud to be part of the solution for improving our cities, and we want to give back to the communities in which our projects are based.

Thanks to the help of councilor Matt Harris, we were able to give back to two wonderful organizations in St. Catharines this year. Firstly, The Niagara Health Foundation. The foundation is a regional healthcare provider with multiple sites and a growing network of community-based and virtual services. The Celebration of Lights campaign was launched to raise money for five local hospitals. The funds will be used to buy urgently needed equipment at Niagara Health sites.

Additionally, we have supported Community Care – St. Catharines. This organization has been providing support for the less advantaged in their community since 1919. Programs range from food and shelter security to emergency services and support that lead to the independence clients strive to achieve.

If you would like to support both the @niagarahealthfd and @communitycarest , please visit the links below.


It’s the end of another year, and we hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing holiday season. While it may seem like the world is still going through tough times, we’re looking forward to 2022, where we pray that all will find peace and prosperity.