The relationships we establish with our clients are a source of continuous pride, deep-rooted and rewarding as they are.

Our team is on permanent assignment to bring them the full Elite experience, a considered range of unique services, a unanimous excellence. Underneath the quality, and, in fact, above and beyond it, there is care.

Elite delivers Bespoke, Dedicated and Informed customer care which instills a sense of community and the certainty of belonging.

Our motive force

At its core, Elite Customer Care is a responsibility to each client. Holding ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and probity, we devote ourselves wholly to their journeys. The approach is Bespoke, directed by their objectives; the support is Dedicated, every resource is made available; and the advice is Informed, having been accumulated over the course of decades.

Our guiding principles

Those associated with Elite to any degree conduct themselves according to five principles. Five unique beliefs through which we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • It begins with the client; learn from them.
  • Individual quality inspires strong communities.
  • Great service is both cause and effect.
  • Protect the investment and propel the experience.
  • It ends with the client; the success is theirs.

Our Journey | Elite Experience


An Elite Care member will reach out to book your appointment typically 1-2 weeks before your firm occupancy date. This is an introduction to your new home with an orientation of its many features and systems.


Over the next few days, homeowners will register with Tarion at and can contact their Customer Care Consultant for assistance during the application. Please have your Unit Enrollment number that can be found on your CCP provided to you at your PDI.


Following purchaser and builder’s legal confirmation that the keys can be released, clients can pick up their New Homeowner Package at the on site Elite Care Office. In it are their keys, community fobs, and homeowner guide.


Upon occupancy and within 5 days, our Customer Care Consultant will place a welcome call to explain the warranty process, answer any immediate questions or address any concerns.


Elite Care team provides all the necessary information to make occupancy seamless, specifying moving zones and elevator dimensions, scheduling reservations and facilitating personal requests.


Following registration, homeowners will complete their initial, 6 month and 1-year warranty items list.


Once completed and agreed upon, our Customer Care Consultant will schedule any appointments necessary to service warranty items.

Customer Care Contact Information

Please contact Elite Developments’ Customer Care Team for questions about Ontario New Home Warranty or concerns related to service after taking possession of your home.

Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm