Elite Design Studio

This is the boutique, experiential environment in which new homes are realized.

This is the boutique, experiential environment in which new homes are realized. Behind these doors, Design Consultants guide our clients through a showcase of interactive displays that gives shape to countless virtual homes.

Here, homeowners and investors witness, feel and reserve the elements to feature in the finished product. They receive an immersive, living preview of interior vignettes, colour palettes and materials, which are virtual one moment, and real the next.

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Step Inside

Where vision is heard and voice is seen

The Design Studio is our commitment, our promise to each client that they will remain at the heart of every decision that influences the making of their home. This is where we meet. This is where we together and we alone have the freedom to create.


Sourced from around the world by a discerning team of Design Consultants, The Home displays a catalogue of luxurious finishes, rich textures and leading appliances. From floors, tiles and plumbing to countertops, cabinetry, appliances and drapes, our clients walk through the artisanal, the innovative and the classic, discovering all that describes them, that they can make possible.


Our clients can combine their selections in unique ways to surpass trends and arrive at last to what is timeless and forever vogue: originality. Everything within The House serves as inspiration and instrument, for them to realize their designs. The journey towards creating a custom home has never been as simple, as certain or personal, as this.


Elite’s Design Consultants have a deep knowledge and understanding of the way form intersects with function, of lights interplay with material, how stillness moves space. They offer our clients the full reach of their experience over the course of one-on-one appointments in order to help them make informed decisions and base their investment on real insight.

Collaborate with an award-winning team

During a series of private appointments with Elite’s Design Consultants, our clients are able to modify and upgrade their existing home. From structural changes to the layout to customized additions to the interiors, they place the decisive, finishing touch: their own, personal luxury.


This appointment presents possible upgrades and enables changes to electrical and plumbing systems, and alterations to the floorplans.


This appointment presents colour choices from a wide selection of designer studios, to finish the kitchen cabinets, countertops, tiles, hardwood flooring and light fixtures. In order to prepare for the appointments, we encourage our clients to bring creative samples or images for inspiration. A dedicated Design Consultant will work to bring these ideas to life.

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